Bulli Outdoor Kitchen

Product Design Project
-surprise and put a smile on your face 

The TRY Bulli project is the ideal showcase to illustrate whats possible when passion meets creativity in an collaborative environment. Within 2 years, about 100 kids and 10 companies transformed a trash Bulli, imported from California into a stylish electric bus. With 300km reach and an acceleration of 7.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h the bus sets a new benchmark in its class. With its 50 KWh electricity on board the bus opens a whole range of use cases.

In 2017 the foldable band stage was developed in cooperation with the University of applied science in Rosenheim/Germany. Based on the idea to perform ad hoc concerts anywhere you want, the students created a stage, using light high tech material that can quickly be unfolded from inside out to stage where the instruments are plugged in a matter of seconds to get the band ready to rock.

In parallel the idea was born by Nils Holger Moorman, the famous furniture designer and camping bus expert, to enable the bus to have a nice dinner with friends. After an initial brain storming project we decided to go for a stunning outdoor kitchen set up. To utilize the on board electric power luckily BORA joined the project and provides its best in class cook tops.

Within the Outdoor kitchen project the participants should develop an offbeat environment that will blow your mind and make the joint cooking an unforgettable event.

Anyone older than 18 years and interested to participate in this project can register on this website. The participants agree that the TRY crossover foundation will have all rights to publish the result and use the IP to eventually produce the design. Once you will have registered you will get instant feedback on the registration via mail.

The registration process will end by January 1st 2019. The project kicks off January 12th 2019. 
The design ideas can be handed in till February 28th 2019. By March 10th the top 3 designs are selected.

The project will be organized via web. Any registered participant will get access to the Pixxio project portal to access all relevant information and to upload the design presentation (pictures, movies, pdfs)

The jury: Nils Holger Moormann (Head of German Design Council, Owner of Nils Holger Moormann GmbH), Werner Deisenroth (Fotographer and owner of Designers Digest), Christoph Karrasch (Founder of RTT AG, Head of TRY Foundation)

The top 3 designs will be featured in the designers digest magazine. The top 10 designs will get an official recognition certificate, signed by the jury. The winner will have the chance to get the design built.